Tokenizing The Supply Chain Revolution

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Why Participate in the
Discovery Sale?

Superior Technology

For any technology to be adopted at scale, Peter Theil says it must have a 10x superiority. With a superiority of 100x compared to other solutions available, DiscoveryIoT is sure to achieve mass adoption.


Network Effects

In a two-sided business, the value accrued by one side from the product is proportional to the number of players on the other side. After the early push to create a threshold of users and enterprise customers, DiscoveryIoT would reach an “escape velocity” where the network would become self-sustaining, with one side feeding into the other side’s growth.



Strong brand equity is probably the best defence strategy against a potential new competitor. The significant investment that we have planned towards marketing activities would help strengthen and entrench the brand among the network of users.



The cornerstone is the DiscoveryIoT solution is its stickiness with clients. The AI engine of DiscoveryIoT gets smarter as more information is fed into it, giving brands more meaningful and accurate predictions of sales of stock levels. Access to this historical information would be proprietary to DiscoveryIoT, thereby helping retain clients for long periods of time.

ICO Structure


1 DIS = $0.11

Total # Tokens

1000 Million DIS

Hard Cap

320 Million DIS

Soft Cap

90 Million DIS

Tokens for Bonus

80 Million DIS

Token Split

Round Details

Round Period of Sale # Tokens Available Bonus Issued
Pre-Sale   150 Million DIS  Bonus Available to Whitelist
Pre Sale Round 1 Jun 15 – Jun 30, 2018 50 Million DIS 50%
Pre Sale Round 2 Jul 1 – Jul 14, 2018 50 Million DIS 40%
Pre Sale Round 3 Jul 15 – Jul 31, 2018 50 Million DIS 30%
ICO 170 Million DIS
ICO Round 1 Aug 1 – Aug 15, 2018 60 million DIS 20%
ICO Round 2 Aug 16 – Aug 31, 2018 55 million DIS 10%
ICO Round 3 Sep 1 – Sep 15, 2018 55 million DIS 0%
Total   320 Million DIS  
Use of Funds
Token Sale Security

DDOS protection

We use Distributed DNS and a managed Web Application Firewall.


Website Security

Our website and forms have been penetration tested by a third party security assessment firm, and the environment has been security hardened and all latest patches and security updates installed.


Social Security

All of our social media accounts have been secured with 2-factor authentication and complex passwords.


24/7 Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring our website for suspicious users and activity.


Smart Contract Review

We’ve built the token sale smart contract according to engineering best practice, and all code has been reviewed and certified.