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Lend cellular data for instant rewards

Surveys indicate that on average, users consume only 57% of their monthly cellular data limits. Discovery lets you put the otherwise unused mobile data to good use, and even monetize it! Who does not like to make a cool $400 per GB of data transferred?


Passively Earn Money

To earn money through the Discovery Network, there would be absolutely no activity required from your side! All you have to do is install the Discovery Mobile app on your phone, and have it running when you’re in a Discovery Zone. The app will automatically pair with nearby Cliots and transfer data through your mobile data network. What’s more, the Discovery app will work even when you’re offline, where it will store data temporarily on your mobile and transfer it to the network whenever you’re online!

Control & Settings

Through the Discovery app settings, you can control how much data you lend to the Discovery Network (“Allocate only 1GB of data this month to Discovery”), and whether or not you would like us to use your mobile data at all (“Store Data on my device, but transfer only when I’m connected on a Wi-fi network”). Of course, the more data you lend, the more you earn.


Privacy Guaranteed

At Discovery, we respect your privacy. We promise to never share your private information with anyone else. We will never show you ads and never spam you with any newsletters. You will only get important updates and payment statements from us over email.