Who says warehouses are boring?

Stock Audit in 5 mins

Just walk through the warehouse with our app running on your smartphone. That’s all it takes for a 100% accurate stock audit. Gone are the days of manually counting products.

Automate Stock Registry Entries

No need to count products upon receipt or despatch. Entries are automatically made in relevant stock registries. Also get alerts in case of wrong products being shipped.


Give way, RFID readers and Barcode scanners! Our solution does not require ANY infrastructure, and runs off users’ smartphones. Less Capital locked in these assets, better liquidity for you!

Instant delivery proofs

Have a difficult time tracking deliveries of shipments to your customers? Just have the driver/customer have the app running on their phone, and you get instant Proofs for Deliveries effected. Our POD module eliminates the need for any paper trails.