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Low Cost Reliable Tracking


Tracking Process & Control


Building and Sharing Reports

Low Cost Tracking

DiscoveryIoT lets brands track their products in a very inexpensive manner. The tracking cost per product is as low as $0.04 per month, which makes the solution ideal for rapid and mass adoption among low end products also.

Since all the data is stored in distributed ledgers of a blockchain, it is 100% reliable and secure from any hacking efforts.

Real Time Visibility

The DiscoveryIoT solution gives brands real time visibility of their stock and sales data. This enables brands to take business decisions on real-time basis, without the time latency involved in traditional market research environments.


No Retailer Dependence

Globally, one of the main challenges brands face in data acquisition is support from retailers. Retail stores do not have any motivation to share sales and stock data with brands. The DiscoveryIoT solution does not require any support from retailers, thus bypassing a critical impediment in the entire process.

Custom Reports

The data analytics layer of DiscoveryIoT supports custom report building, which can be built to suit the unique requirements of each brand.

Token Based

The Discovery Solution is powered by the DIS token, which serves as the currency of exchange on the platform. Being a token-driven platform, all transactions are instantaneously carried out, thereby removing all latencies and delays from the system. Brands can access their data points instantly and the user community gets instant rewards for their participation.

Scalable & Reliable

The DiscoveryIoT solution is truly disruptive in nature and highly scalable. As there is no infrastructure like towers, scanners or readers required for the solution to operate, it is easily scalable and expandable across geographies.

Comparison With Existing Solutions

Most of the IoT communication happens through traditional data transfer modes today, like, RFID, Wi-Fi and traditional telecom network. There are also some IoT specific communication networks that have been developed, like Sigfox and LoraWAN.

A brief comparison of Discovery and the existing communication solutions is given below:

  RFID WIFI Telecom Sigfox LoraWAN Discovery
Coverage Very Low Low High High High High
Infrastructure requirements Reader Required Wifi routers/modem Telecom Towers(legacy) Towers Required Towers Required None
Suitable for wide range applications? No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tracking costs None None Very high High High Very low
Reliability High Low High High High Very High
Data security Low Low Low High High Very High
Decentralized platform? Yes Partially No No No Yes
Scalability Low Low Low Low Low High